Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Popular Household Items

Gold recycling is more popular than ever in recent years due to demand for noble metals. Every little bit helps the recycling of gold supply and demand that the American public can help recycle and get paid for it. Even if you do not have a lot of gold jewelry around your home, there are many other household items that contain gold and can be recycled for a profit. Recycling gold can be very profitable and help you make a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on what you have for recycling.

To start recycling gold, here are 10 things you can start looking for your house to start recycling.

1) old laptops and old computers - various brands and models may have different components, but the old computer will most likely have a gold chip processor, CD drive and extension adapter for laptops. Before removing the gold from these items, you should investigate the process for removing gold from these items. Often times, it will require the use of toxic chemicals so it is important to understand the process for removing gold as well as practicing safety to make sure that you are not harmed by chemicals.

2) cell phones - in your phone, there are parts made of gold, these items can be plated.

3) broken and unwanted jewelry - perhaps you have old jewelry from a former spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, and even relatives. You May Have items that you have not worn in 10 years or subjects who were able to penetrate. The great news is, these items can be converted to cash if you do not want.

4) memorial pins - you may need pins and buttons around the house that are the real gold. You may have inherited a military memorabilia that includes gold.

5) The old fillings and caps - years dentists will use gold for fillings and caps. You May Have a family member or even yourself that he had a gold filling removed.

6) The old smoke detectors - take off your old smoke detectors and replace them with new ones. Before discarding an old smoke detector, remove the gold

7) The old VCR's - they have gold in them

8) Old Junker car - there is gold in your old car. Depending on the year, make and model, the gold content will vary. System chips and thermal insulation are some places you can look at.

9) old TVs, printers and cameras - I can not give every make and model, but there is gold in these items. People throw away these items every day, because they become outdated. You can choose to be free and convert them into cash.

10) glass and silver - not all glass and silver will be gold, but some items. Some settings will have a place in the gold pan and a glass will have a gold in the glass, and silver will have some gold in the dishes. Check all your items carefully. Silver can also be silver, which is also a precious metal that can sell for instant profit.

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